Best UK Smartwatch Deals for August 2021

Smartwatches are getting better every year. They can now last for more than a day on a single charge, track your workouts, take calls, play music and more.

Some dish out notifications and tell you when it’s going to rain, while others can function untethered from your phone completely.

Best Smartwatch Deals

Here are the very best deals we've come across. For more smartwatch deals, see our dedicated deals page


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (45mm)

From: Amazon

Was: £419



(£100 off)

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The 45mm casing size of Samsung's latest smartwatch enjoys a rather significant price cut in this latest Amazon deal.


Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro

From: Amazon

Was: £299.99



(£120.99 off)

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The most premium and powerful member of Huawei's Watch GT 2 series, the GT 2 Pro boasts a refined design, hewn from luxurious materials that include titanium, ceramic and sapphire glass. On Amazon, it currently benefits from over £120 off the RRP.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 (40mm, LTE)

From: Amazon

Was: £399



(£160 off)

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Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active 2 is available in two sizes and packs a range of fitness-focused talents. What's more, this LTE cellular model comes with a nice discount on top. (Discount varies by casing size - check before purchase).


Fossil Gen 5

From: Amazon

Was: £279



(£125.15 off)

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Fossil's Gen 5 smartwatch line is one of the better options if you're looking to experience Google's Wear OS right now. It comes complete with fitness tracking, water resistance, contactless payment support, onboard GPS and Google Assistant integration. This Amazon deal sees over £125 taken off the RRP.


Amazfit T-Rex

From: Amazon

Was: £129



(£20 off)

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2020's Amazfit T-Rex impresses with its ruggedised design and broad raft of features at an incredibly low price, especially when you factor in this latest Amazon deal. Discount varies by colourway, check before purchase.


Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm, LTE)

From: Amazon

Was: £359



(£83.71 off)

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Knock almost £85 off the larger 46mm casing variant of Samsung's still-excellent Galaxy Watch wearable (with LTE connectivity) in this current Amazon deal.


Huawei Watch GT 2 (46mm)

From: Amazon

Was: £249.99



(£110.99 off)

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Huawei's Watch GT 2, which arrived at the tail end of 2019, can be had with £110 off, in this one Amazon discount.


Apple Watch Series 3 (42mm)

From: Amazon

Was: £359


cheap smartwatch in uk August optimization ranking Cheap Smartwatch Uk


(£132 off)

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Apple's most affordable Apple Watch is now even cheaper, thanks to this Amazon deal on the 42mm casing size of the Series 3.


Huawei Watch GT 2e

From: Amazon

Was: £159.99



(£70.99 off)

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The fitness-focused Huawei Watch GT 2e boasts features like sleep, stress and SpO2 monitoring, as well as sporting a bright 1.39in display, swim-proofing and an eye-catching design.

Right now, available with a sizeable discount on Amazon.


Amazfit GTR

From: Amazon

Was: £159



(£29.01 off)

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Save nearly £30 on the affordable-yet-stylish Amazfit GTR in this great Amazon offer. Note: Price reduction varies by finish/colour, so make sure to double-check the pricing on the version you want before buying. Read our Amazfit GTR review for more.


Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm)

From: Amazon

Was: £279.99



(£45.99 off)

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The small and stylish 42mm variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch is up for grabs with nearly £50 taken off the asking price on Amazon. Check out our review for more insight into why it's still such a great smartwatch.

Note: Different finishes come with different reductions in price, make sure to check before buying the finish you most like.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active (40mm)

From: Amazon

Was: £229



(£100 off)

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Pick up the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active from Amazon with £100 off the RRP. Read our full Samsung Galaxy Watch Active review for more.

Note: Different colours may enjoy different reductions, so double-check pricing before you purchase.

What smartwatch should you buy?

There are two overarching types of smartwatch frameworks you'll likely encounter. One – in the vein of the Apple Watch – features a colour touchscreen and often supports apps, while the other combines an analogue watch with smart features. These are semi-smart or hybrid watches and typically use less battery since they're not required to power a full-face display. You can find in-depth buying advice on smartwatches in our round-up of the best smartwatches available right now.

The Apple Watch is still the dominant force in the smartwatch market but many smartwatches from the likes of Motorola and Fossil run Wear OS, while Samsung's run its own Tizen UI (at least for now).

Make sure you consider whether or not your phone is compatible with the smartwatch you’re after too; the Apple Watch only plays nice with iPhones and most Wear OS watches require your phone to be of a certain age and running a certain version (or later) of iOS/Android.

There are also designer smartwatches that often run Wear OS from brands like Diesel, Armani and Tag Heuer. They are often very expensive, so if you have your eye on one it's a good idea to look out for discounts.

Smartwatch Deals: Is pay monthly worth it?

Seeing as smartwatches work hand-in-hand with your smartphone, many phone retailers and network carriers let you split the cost of a cellular-capable smartwatch over your pay-monthly phone plan. Of course, these deals work to finance the device, so it’s worth weighing the long-term costs against the upfront costs.

Alternatively, while some plans let you share your phone's network and contract, there are still other plans which get you separate unlimited data allowances for your Apple Watch (and other select LTE-capable watches).

In the UK, EE and Vodafone are the two networks that carry the likes of the Apple Watch and Samsung's latest smartwatches on cellular. You can often get the device for £0 upfront. See

Vodafone’s Apple Watch plans here


EE’s plans here


Similarly to buying a new phone on a monthly plan, however, you do end up paying more at the end of the contract, but if you prefer to pay in small increments instead of all at once, this may be a better option.

Where to find smartwatch deals

Amazon often has some of the biggest discounts on smartwatches and other tech but it's always worth shopping around if you don't see something you like in our selection here.

If you find that you’re missing out on Amazon’s Lightning deals, which run for just a few hours and offer limited stock, we'd recommend signing up for Amazon's 30-day free trial of Prime, which will get you access to deals 30 minutes before everyone else. Plus, you'll get free next-day delivery with the Prime trial, as well as access to Prime Instant Video and more.

Sign up for Prime now to make sure you're ready.

Beyond Amazon, here are a few of the best places to check for bargains:





John Lewis

Smartwatch accessories

Of course, the smartwatch itself is only part of the equation. You may also want to use a different strap from the one provided or freshen the look if you've been using the same strap for a while.

This might be especially relevant to Apple Watch users, with the plethora of band choices available (here's how to change your Apple Watch band). Though the Apple store may be an obvious place to find straps for your Apple Watch, you would be hard-pressed to find any bands for less than £49.

You can, however, find third-party alternatives on Amazon for less than £10/$10, though make sure you're buying it for the correct watch casing size. Gearbest is another place where you can find watch bands of various designs but at more affordable prices.