Alienware relies on Intel Core i7 CPUs for the new M15x notebooks and desktops

Alienware said it will "shake the gaming world to its core" at this week's Tokyo Game Show. I don't know if these new rigs can do it all, but they're impressive enough.

The new M15x notebook offers impressive computing power with the new mobile Clarksfield Core i7 at 2.0 GHz and a 1 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260m for graphics. Add to that an amazing 8 GB DDR3 RAM, a 500 GB hard drive and the rest Standard equipment including a Blu-ray drive, three USB 2.0 ports, Firewire and Gigabit Ethernet.

No benchmarks have been run yet in my opinion, but with specs like this the M15x probably won't struggle to be the fastest 15-inch notebook in the world. Dell now has the configuration page for the notebook and prices start at $1,499 dollars but I made one with no accessories or additional warranty which came out to $4,698. Anyone want to buy it for me?

The microATX Aurora and liquid-cooled Aurora ALX have also been updated and can now be configured with up to 12GB DD3 RAM, Core i7 CPUs, dual graphics cards. All this performance starts at just $1,299.

The new Area-51 and Area-51 ALX desktops are equally impressively sporty liquid-cooled Core i7 CPUs and enough options to keep any trust fund baby happy, including up to 12GB of 1333MHz DDR memory, quad GPUs, two Blu-ray drives and two Gigabit Ethernet ports. The cases have been redesigned and now have all sorts of nifty features like interior lighting, six wireless hard drive bays and of course they look like nothing else on the market. Prices start at US$1,999 Dollars but can likely skyrocket once all the extras including the new TactX gaming accessory are added.

[via Engadget]