Dell kind of bites the bullet when it comes to faulty GeForce M rigs

Dell offers a 12-month extended warranty for those of you who are (or will be) suffering from defectively manufactured GeForce GPUs on your laptops. Their previous solution was to force the BIOS to constantly spin the fans to such an extent Avoiding overheating at the expense of noise and wear - not really the best compromise. So now they're essentially saying, "Okay, we'll give your machines another year to eradicate them. If they don't, consider yourself lucky." ."They don't specify what they replace the defective bits with, but I would be foolish to replace them with similarly defective parts.

I agree with the commenter "Mike" who says:

Why only a 12 month extension? This should be until the end of time. It is a DEFECTIVE PART. You should compensate ANY future problem.

Amen bro. While it's good that Dell is doing what it's doing, why not just post a comprehensive list of serial numbers or something that's definitely available to send in? Click below for the models that will get the extension.

The models that receive a 1-year warranty extension are:

Dell Precision M2300Latitude D630Vostro Notebook 1400Dell Precision M4300Latitude D630cVostro Notebook 1510Dell Precision M65Latitude D820Vostro Notebook 1710Inspiron 1420Latitude D830XPS M1330Latitude D620Vostro Notebook 1310XPS M1530