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Money Refund Period If you made your purchase using a Cencosud Card, Scotiabank Cencosud Cards, credit or debit card, the money will be refunded within approx. This refund will appear on your next or subsequent statement, depending on your card's monthly statement date.



For the purpose of any type of transaction that one or more "Buyers" and / or "Consumers" carry out on "Marketplace" in relation to any of the Products published by one or more of the "Sellers" defined in letter b). of this No. 1, the words given below have the meaning given:


It is a virtual space on the Internet that Cencosud Retail SA makes available to "sellers" who are not its divisions, brands or companies of the Cencosud Group, so that "seller", "consumer" and "buyer" are defined or in letters b), c) and d) below, to carry out sales and purchase transactions of the products published by the "Sellers" in the "Marketplace" on the terms they agree directly between them.

Cencosud Retail SA or any other Cencosud Group business entity, brand or company do not own, trade and/or market the items offered on the “Marketplace”. They do not own them nor offer them for sale. They do not intervene the improvement of the operations carried out between the "sellers" and the "consumers" and the "buyers" nor in the conditions reported by them and / or established for them.Each "seller" declares to be solely responsible for the items and the price be which he publishes for his sale.


Remember that when a "Consumer" and / or a "Buyer" generates a purchase request for one or more products offered by a "Seller" in the "Marketplace", they are not in or in any other Buy business unit, brand or company of Cencosud group.

"Seller" or vaguely "Seller":

For the purposes of these "GTC", "Seller" means the legal entity under private law who sells and/or markets goods to "Consumers" and "Buyers" on the "Marketplace" regulated by these "GTC" & Cs".

“Consumer” or vague “Consumer”:

Individuals, micro-enterprises and small businesses who, as a result of the purchase made on the "Marketplace", as final recipients, purchase goods offered by the "Sellers" on the "Marketplace" and who meet the requirements to be sold as such in accordance with the norms contained in Laws No. 19.496 and 20.416.

“Buyer” or vague “Buyer”:

Any natural or legal person who makes one or more purchases on “Marketplace” and does not meet the conditions for classification as “Consumer” or “Consumer” under Law 19.496 and/or Law 20.416.


It links to


"Marketplace" is only available to persons of legal capacity. It may not be used by persons under the age of 18, nor by "buyer(s)" and/or "consumer(s)" whose user accounts have been suspended or permanently disabled. Is it if the user is a company, the purchase must be made by its legal representative.


In order to make a purchase from any of the "Sellers" in the "Marketplace", the "Buyer" and/or the "Consumer" must register as a user and request the creation of an account, unless they already have an active account with .Kl.In any case, the "buyer" and / or "consumer" must provide valid and complete data at the time of completing the registration form to keep it up to date. "Marketplace" may confirm this information and temporarily or permanently block those account holders whose details could not be confirmed and / or turn out to be untrue.

The "Purchaser(s)" and/or "Consumer(s)" access their personal account by entering an email they have registered for this purpose and a personal security code that they select and must define.The "Purchaser(s)" and/or "Consumer(s)" agree to maintain the confidentiality of their security code.The account is personal, unique and non-transferable.

Considering that “Marketplace” operates on the website, when the “Consumer(s)” and/or “Buyer(s)” enter “Marketplace”, they navigate on the platform www., so when registering and / or making your purchase request, you must accept both these "Terms and Conditions" and the privacy policy applicable to purchase requests for "Sellers" in "Marketplace" set out in point 4 below of these same "Terms and Conditions". If different accounts are identified with matching or related dates, they may be terminated, suspended or disabled as a precautionary security measure or to protect the privacy of the account holder.

The "Purchaser(s)" and "Consumers" are responsible for all operations carried out on their account, for which they undertake to notify "Marketplace" immediately through the contact or communication channels informed at , any unauthorized use of your account, or access by any unauthorized third party. The sale, assignment, or transfer of the account in any capacity is prohibited.


If you enter a purchase request for a product published by a "seller" in "Marketplace", try to buy from this "seller" and not from "" , validate and, if necessary, confirm, will be passed on to the "seller". , so that they can review, confirm or reject your purchase, send and deliver the products. By submitting a purchase or order request in the "Marketplace" you therefore agree that your personal data can be stored and passed on to both the "seller" and also be communicated to the providers of the necessary services purchase, its payment, confirmation or refusal, return of products or values ​​related to a purchase or a purchase request.

Your personal data will be processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that guarantee high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological; and they will not be communicated or communicated to third parties without the prior consent of the owner of the information or data, as well as outside the limits of the applicable Exceptional cases provided for by law, such as at the request of a competent administrative or judicial authority intentionally or as a result of ongoing proceedings.


Once a purchase request has been sent to one or more of the "Sellers" active on the "Marketplace", it is subject to validation and confirmation by the respective "Seller". The confirmation, validation and verification by the "Seller" is a prerequisite for the formation of consent all purchase requests and purchases made in the "Marketplace".

To confirm the transaction, the “Seller” verifies:

the available inventory of the products or services offered at the time the purchase request was submitted;

the means of payment chosen by the customer; and

the data registered by the "consumer" or "buyer", which must match those entered when creating the account and / or when making the purchase request.Remember that all transactions are carried out by a person over 18 years of age Need to become.

The means of payment that can be used in "Marketplace" are:


Scotiabank Cencosud Card,

Other bank credit cards; and

Debit charge.

The "Consumer" and/or "Buyer" must keep an eye on the email registered in the purchase request, as this is the official way of contact or communication with the "Seller".The foregoing, without prejudice to any other means available for such purposes available. Consent shall be deemed to have been given from the moment the "Seller" sends the written confirmation of purchase to the "Buyer" and/or "Consumer".

The costs and shipping times are communicated by each "seller" before the payment is generated.


Before requesting the purchase of a product, the "Buyer" and / or "Consumer" must read the information published by the "Seller" identifying the goods or product, the instructions for use, the terms of the guarantees, their price, contract terms and other relevant characteristics.


The "Seller" is responsible for managing each and every request made by the "Consumers" and/or "Buyers" arising from the purchase requests; including those arising from the exercise of any of the following rights that the "Seller" acknowledges and must respect the "consumer".

Right to the legal guarantee pursuant to Articles 19, 20 and 21 of Law 19 496 on the Protection of Consumer Rights.

Right to return new products without use with a label attached to the box or original packaging, sealed and with accessories, art and / or parts;which can be exercised within 10 days of receipt of the product by the "consumer".For women's, men's - and children's wardrobes (tops, underwear and pajamas, bottoms, shoes and slippers and swimsuits) it is enough if the products are unused and have a label to exercise the right of return and with its accessories.In addition to the above requirements the "consumer" must provide proof of purchase.

The reimbursement of the price paid by the "Consumer" and all costs related to the return of the product(s), either by exercising the right of return referred to in the previous paragraph or by legal guarantee;Returns are the sole and exclusive expense of the "Seller".

For the purposes set out in this No. 7, the "Buyers" and / or "Consumers" can deliver him or the products in the modules specifically activated by the "Sellers" in the Paris stores. In case you are unable to deliver the product, you can contact the "seller" to request cancellation.

Contact with the "seller":

If the "Consumer" and/or the "Buyer" request the contact details of the "Seller", "Marketplace" will make this necessary for the foregoing to exercise their rights.


Any action or use of equipment, software or other means that tends to affect both the activities and the operation of "Marketplace", Cencosud Retail SA and / or any of its business areas, such as offers, descriptions or databases are not permitted .Any intervention, attempt or activity contrary to the laws protecting intellectual property and / or the prohibitions set out in these "Terms and Conditions" will result in appropriate legal action.


Without prejudice to any other action, "Marketplace" may warn, temporarily suspend or permanently disable a user account or publication if the owner of that user behaves contrary to morality, public order and / or good morals.


The contents of the platform related to the services of, as well as the programs, databases, networks, files that allow the "Buyer" and / or "Consumer" to access and use their account are owned by Cencosud Retail SA and are protected by the laws and international treaties on copyright, trademarks, patents, models and designs. Misuse and the total or partial reproduction of this content are prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by Cencosud Retail SA (Paris .cl) approved.

The "Site" may contain links to other websites which do not indicate that they are owned or operated by Cencosud Retail SA. The presence of links to other websites does not imply any partnership, relationship, approval and / or endorsement by Cencosud Retail SA with these websites and their contents.


"Marketplace" may change the "Terms and Conditions" at any time by informing the "Site" of the changed terms, which in any case will not affect purchases confirmed during the validity of the changed texts. All changed terms will be effective at least 10 published on the website (ten) working days before they come into effect.


To submit claims related to promotions conducted or celebrated through this website, please contact our customer service.

Disputes that arise in relation to the provisions of these general terms and conditions may, at the consumer's option, be submitted to the local police court of his place of residence or of the place of residence of the "Seller" and / or the "Sellers", without prejudice to the jurisdiction of the ordinary courts for others Types of affairs. All this pursuant to Article 50 A of Law 19 496.



1. What is "Marketplace"?

It is a virtual space on the Internet that "Cencosud Retail SA" makes available to the "sellers", distinct from any other division, brand or company of the Cencosud Group, so that they and the "consumers" or "buyers" execute Purchase and sale transactions of the products published by the "Sellers" on the "Marketplace" under the conditions directly agreed between them.

"Cencosud Retail SA" and/or any other entity, brand or company of the Cencosud Group do not own, trade and/or market the items offered on the "Marketplace". They do not own them nor offer them for sale. They do not intervene in the improvement of the operations carried out between the "sellers" and the "consumers" or "buyers", nor in the conditions reported and / or established for them.Each "seller" declares to be solely responsible for the items and the price to be that he publishes for his sale.Consequently, the price agreed for the product is not (and will not be) received by “Cencosud Retail SA” nor by any other entity, brand or company of the Cencosud Group that through the collection service, the "Cencosud Retail SA" could lend credit to the "seller". Notwithstanding the foregoing, "Marketplace" may send the "Consumer" or "Buyer" a tax-free receipt or notices regarding your purchase request.

Purchases made in "Marketplace" are governed solely by these Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions set by the "Seller" or "Sellers".

2. Scope of “Marketplace” Services

These GTC, once accepted by the "Seller", only constitute a contract between the "Seller" and "Cencosud Retail SA" according to which the "Seller" may use "Marketplace" to publish and sell its products.In under no circumstances does it create any other type of contract and / or legal or factual connection between the parties of this "Marketplace" and / or in relation to third parties, including "Consumers" or "Buyers", which only deal with the "Seller".The " Seller" acknowledges and accepts that "Cencosud Retail SA" and / or "Marketplace" and / or any division, brand or company of the Cencosud Group are not part of the Cencosud Group and do not intervene in any of its operations or publications, Transactions, sales and in general all its legal and / or commercial activities.

The "Seller" is solely and exclusively responsible for the quality, safety, legality of the advertised items, the correctness or accuracy of the advertisements and information contained therein, and the ability of the "Sellers" to sell products.

3. Changes to Terms and Conditions

"Marketplace" may modify the General Conditions at any time by communicating on the "Site" and / or "Platform" the new General Conditions, without affecting the operations or transactions carried out during the validity of the texts before their modification. .

The new terms and conditions are available to the "Seller" at least 10 (ten) days before the start of their validity period.

4. Contact Information - Privacy Policy

In order to use "Marketplace", the "Seller" and all those acting on their behalf as "Administrators" and/or "Operators" must fill in a form with the contact information necessary for identification in "Marketplace" and "Consumer" information. fill out” or “buyer”. The provision of such information is an essential condition for the “seller” to be able to use “Marketplace”.

The above information will be stored on servers or magnetic media that ensure high standards of security and protection, both physical and technological; and they will not be communicated to third parties without the prior consent of the owner of the information or data, or except in the exceptional cases provided for by applicable law or communicated, for example, at the deliberate request of a competent administrative or judicial authority or as a result of an ongoing procedure.

In the event that the seller uses the marketplace to publish its products via a centralizer, the marketplace may only pass on to the "centralizer" the information that is relevant to the operation of the "seller".

5. Declarations and obligations of the "Seller"

The "seller" explains that

You have the legal capacity to sell the product published in "Marketplace".

“Consumers” have the right to the legal guarantee recognized in Articles 20 and 21 of Law 19.496 on the Protection of Consumer Rights.

You know and accept that you must grant and acknowledge to all "consumers" and "buyers" who shop on "Marketplace" the right to return new, unused products with a label attached to the box or packaging or the original sealed container, and with Accessories, parts and / or pieces. The "consumer" or "buyer" must exercise this right within 20 days of receipt of the product.

The reimbursement of the price paid by the "Consumer" or by the "Purchaser", as well as all costs related to the return of the product (products), either through the exercise of the right of return referred to in the previous paragraph or through the legal guarantee , is the sole and exclusive charge of the "seller".

All products offered through "Marketplace" are of legal origin and have the rights and authorizations to sell them.

It is known that all data, information and / or personal history of "consumers" and / or "buyers" to which you have access, regardless of the form, time, date or occasion in which this occurs, are protected due to the obligation of data protection reservation, confidentiality and safekeeping, prohibition of disclosure and / or transfer to third parties without prior authorization of the owner of the information or data or outside the exceptional cases provided for by the applicable law, for example at the request of a competent administrative authority or judicial purposes or as a result of ongoing proceedings.

6. System or Database Violations

Any type of intervention or action intended to interfere with the activities and operation of "Marketplace", "Cencosud Retail SA" and / or any other business unit, brand or company of the Cencosud Group is not permitted.

7. Sanctions. Suspension of Operations

Without prejudice to any other action, "Marketplace" may warn, temporarily suspend or permanently disable the "Seller" either in his account or in his publications, impose a sanction and / or take the measures he deems appropriate, Yes:

It violates any law or any of the provisions of the General Terms and Conditions and other policies of "Marketplace", "Cencosud Retail SA" and / or any other business entity, brand or company of the Cencosud Group.

failure to comply with its legal or contractual obligations;

engage in any malicious or fraudulent act or activity;

"Marketplace" could not verify your identity;

All information provided by the "seller" is incorrect.

In the event of the temporary or permanent suspension of a "Seller", all articles published at the time of the temporary or permanent suspension may be removed from the system and / or cease publication in the "Marketplace".

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the "Seller" retains all of its delivery obligations in relation to the warranty or otherwise under these Terms and Conditions and/or under a confirmed purchase in relation to any "Consumer" or "Buyer" for the Products it purchased prior to the suspension or Disqualification had sold;the foregoing until its expiry due to the expiry of the deadlines established by law and / or its full and timely compliance.Similarly, all payment obligations that the "Seller" has towards "Marketplace" pending fulfillment remain in force and for the previously specified time.

8. Intellectual Property

The computer programs, software, databases, networks, files that allow users to access and use their account are owned by "Cencosud Retail SA" and / or any other business entity, brand or company of the Cencosud Group and are Protected by the laws and international treaties on copyright, trademarks, patents, models and designs. Misuse and the total or partial reproduction of this content is prohibited, unless the relevant person has expressly authorized it in writing in accordance with the law.

The "Site" and/or the "Platform" may contain links to other websites that do not indicate that they are owned by or by "Cencosud Retail SA" and/or any other business unit, brand or company of the Cencosud Group .The existence of these does not imply any partnership, consent or endorsement by with these websites and their contents.

9. Indemnification

The "Seller" is solely responsible for any type of damage, direct or indirect, resulting or emanating from the transactions, operations and / or contracts of any kind that he performs or celebrates on the "Marketplace". Consequently, the "Seller" must always and in any case respond directly to the "Consumer" and / or the "Buyer" and indemnify "Cencosud Retail SA" and / or Marketplace and / or any other entity, brand or company of the Cencosud Group of any type of claim, dissatisfaction, Disagreements, claims and / or judicial and / or administrative actions of any kind, as well as their effects, whether they result in a fine, compensation, costs or any other kind.

The indemnification obligation, therefore, as set forth above, includes the obligation of the "Seller" to pay and reimburse any fines, indemnities, indemnities, expenses and reimbursements of any kind, whether their source or origin in any action or omission brought against "Consumers" and / or towards "Buyers" and / or is a direct or indirect consequence of the activities carried out under these GTC; without prejudice to other responsibilities that may correspond under the law.


10. Registration (establishment "Seller")

The "Seller" declares that he registers in the "Marketplace" through the "Administrator" who is authorized to represent him and to carry out all actions permitted by a "Seller" in the "Marketplace".Including but not limited to adding and Appointing the "Operator" or "Operators" to the system, with the mission that they carry out the steps corresponding to them in the "Marketplace". The actions performed by the "Administrator" and/or the "Operator" are enforceable against the "Seller". .

In order to be able to use the “Marketplace” services, the “Seller” must provide valid and complete data when filling out the registration form. The future “Seller” must ensure that all information, in particular personal data, the “Marketplace” for registration on the "Site" and/or "Platform" is true, accurate and true ("Personal Data") and assumes the obligation to keep it up to date. The "Seller" guarantees and responds to the correctness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of all data entered, in particular your personal data.

"Marketplace" reserves the right to request evidence and / or additional data to confirm the information, as well as the "Seller" and / or those who represent him, whose data could not be confirmed and / or who prove themselves to be not prove true. In the event of disqualification, all items published by this "seller" may be removed.

The "Administrator" is responsible for blocking the accounts of the "Operators" who can no longer use "Marketplace". Likewise, the "Seller" is obliged to inform "Marketplace" about the closure of an "Administrator's" account and its replacement , being in each case responsible to "Marketplace" and acting as agent for notification purposes.

It is the "Seller's" duty to keep the email and/or address updated for the purpose of communication or notification. For all purposes of "Marketplace" and these "Terms and Conditions", communications and notifications will be made to the last Electronic or physical address communicated to the "Administrator" and / or the "Seller".

The "Administrator" accesses your personal account "Account" by entering an email and a personal security key that you must select and define ("Security Key"). For the other users dependent on the "Administrator" they must enter the perform the same operation after the "Administrator" has given them permission.

The "Administrator" and "Operator" accounts are personal, unique and non-transferable.

“Marketplace” reserves the right to refuse any registration request or to cancel a previously accepted registration.

11. Product list (publication)

The information that the "Seller" enters into the "Marketplace" platform is his sole and entire responsibility. This responsibility includes, among other things, the type of products you publish, the quantity of products available, the delivery time, the content and the quality of the photos, the description (correct attributes), the categorization of the products, the stamps and certificates and the correct publication of prices and discounts.

11.1.Respect the selling price.

The "Seller" in the "Marketplace" is obliged to respect the selling price of the reported product. In the event that the "Seller" or the "Operator" makes a mistake in one or more publications, the origin and the consequences are the same welcher Art, in der alleinigen Verantwortung des "Verkäufers" und warnen daher "Verbraucher" und / oder "Käufer", die zusätzlich in ihrer Eigenschaft als Lieferant die Unannehmlichkeiten oder Nichtkonformitäten beheben müssen, die sich aus den oben beschriebenen Bedingungen ergeben können.

11.2.Regeln für die zu veröffentlichenden Produkte

Der „Verkäufer“ darf nur Produkte zum Verkauf anbieten, deren Vermarktung in Chile und/oder in anderen Ländern nicht verboten ist, und bei Produkten, die Zulassungen, Registrierungen, Siegeln und/oder Zertifizierungen oder Zulassungen entsprechen müssen, nur veröffentlichen sie, wenn sie diese haben.

El “Vendedor” no podrá publicar productos peligrosos o prohibidos por razones de seguridad tales como explosivos, gas inflamable, gas no inflamable, gas tóxico, líquido inflamable, sólidos inflamables, sustancias de combustión espontánea, sólido peligroso en contacto con el agua, sustancias peligrosas oxidantes, peróxido orgánico, sustancias tóxicas, sustancias infecciosas, sustancias radioactivas, sustancias corrosivas u otros de similares condiciones y características. En el caso de productos que, por sus características, requieran para su operación o uso normal de accesorios o partes que contengan gas, líquidos inflamables, material corrosivo o similares, el “Vendedor” solo podrá publicarlos si su seguridad y calidad se encuentra certificada por la autoridad competente en Chile y cuenta con el compromiso y garantía del “Courier” que una vez vendidos serán transportados y entregados al “Consumidor” o “Comprador”.

Queda expresamente prohibida la publicación y comercialización de cualquier tipo de producto, nacional o importado, que de cualquier forma contravenga la moral, las buenas costumbres y el Orden Público.

Tampoco podrá publicar u ofrecer a la venta productos respecto a los cuales no tenga licencia vigente cuando corresponda.

Los productos que publica cada Vendedor en Marketplace para su venta al “Consumidor” o “Comprador”, son productos obtenidos de manera lícita y cuentan con todos los registros necesarios para su comercialización.

Además, el “Vendedor” deberá ofrecer a la venta, los productos en las categorías y subcategorías que correspondan según el tipo de producto de que se trate.

Las publicaciones deberán incluir y cumplir con todos los requisitos legales y las condiciones exigidas por “Marketplace” tales como: restricciones de publicación para ciertos tipos de productos, cantidad de productos disponibles, tiempos de entrega, textos descriptivos, fichas técnicas, gráficos, fotografías y otros contenidos y condiciones pertinentes/necesarios para el íntegro y oportuno cumplimiento de estos Términos y Condiciones, los Términos y Condiciones del “Consumidor”/”Comprador” de “Marketplace”, Políticas aplicables a “Marketplace” y las normas legales chilenas.

El producto ofrecido por el “Vendedor” debe ser exactamente descrito en cuanto a sus condiciones y características relevantes.

Se entiende que mediante la inclusión del producto en “Marketplace”, el “Vendedor” acepta que tiene el derecho de vender el producto ofrecido por él, o está facultado para ello por su titular y lo tiene disponible para su entrega en la forma y plazos convenidos.

Se establece que los precios de los productos publicados deberán ser expresados en pesos moneda nacional de Chile con IVA incluido, cuando corresponda. “Marketplace” podrá remover cualquier publicación cuyo precio no sea expresado de esta forma para evitar confusiones o malentendidos en cuanto al precio final del producto.

Se deja expresamente establecido que ninguna descripción podrá contener datos personales o de contacto, tales como, y sin limitarse a, números telefónicos, dirección de e-mail, dirección postal, direcciones de páginas de Internet que contengan datos como los mencionados. No podrán publicitarse otros medios de pagos, distintos de los enunciados por “Marketplace” en la página de publicación de artículos ni tampoco podrá sugerir o insinuar a los “Consumidores” que no utilicen “Marketplace” y/o alterar las condiciones de compra.

Sin perjuicio de lo señalado anteriormente, Marketplace podrá a su completa discrecionalidad, sacar productos de exhibición o dar de baja algún Vendedor.

11.3. Inclusión de imágenes y fotografías.

El “Vendedor” debe incluir las imágenes y fotografías del producto ofrecido que correspondan al artículo y sus certificaciones o sellos legalmente obligatorios. El “Vendedor” declara y garantiza que está facultado para incluir las imágenes y fotografías contenidas en sus publicaciones, siendo responsable por cualquier infracción o incumplimiento.

El “Vendedor” no podrá incluir en sus publicaciones imágenes y/o fotografías que vayan contra la ley, la moral y/o las buenas costumbres, la ética, el pudor, el decoro y la dignidad; lo cual incluye abstenerse de publicar imágenes o fotografías de personas o empresas que no hubieren autorizado el uso de su imagen. Asimismo, incluye la prohibición de publicar u ofrecer la venta de productos destacados con marcas de las cuales “Cencosud Retail SA” y/o cualquier otra unidad de negocio, marca o sociedad del grupo Cencosud son licenciatarios.

“Marketplace” podrá impedir la publicación de la fotografía, e incluso del producto, si la imagen no cumple con los presentes Términos y Condiciones.

11.4. Propiedad intelectual e industrial

“Cencosud Retail SA”, “Marketplace” y/o toda otra unidad de negocio, marca o sociedad del grupo Cencosud respetan los derechos de propiedad intelectual e industrial y cualesquiera otros de terceros. En caso que “Cencosud Retail SA” ,“Marketplace” y/o cualquier otra unidad de negocio, marca o sociedad del grupo Cencosud sospechen que se está cometiendo o se ha cometido una actividad ilícita o infractora de derechos de propiedad intelectual o industrial, se reserva el derecho de eliminar la publicación inmediatamente y de ejercer las acciones legales correspondientes.

12. Solicitudes de Compra, Pago, Recaudación, Liquidación y Remesa

Solicitud de Compra, Validación, Confirmación y boleta “Vendedor”:

Cada vez que “Marketplace” reciba una solicitud de compra se lo informará al “Vendedor” mediante una notificación en la plataforma “Marketplace” y/o correo electrónico para que éste la verifique, valide y confirme, así como para que genere y envíe la boleta al “Consumidor” en caso de confirmar la compra. El envío de la boleta podrá ser de forma electrónica y/o física.

Servicio de recaudación:

“Cencosud Retail SA” prestará al “Vendedor” el servicio de recaudación del pago de los precios de los productos ofrecidos. “Cencosud Retail SA”, recauda el precio del producto pagado por el “Consumidor” y/o el “Comprador”, el que será puesto a disposición para que el “Vendedor” pueda solicitar la “Remesa” previo descuento de la comisión de “Marketplace”, despacho, logística inversa y/o cualquier otro tipo de pago o gasto que sea de cargo del “Vendedor”, transcurridos 12 días corridos desde la entrega del producto al Consumidor y siempre que éste no haya hecho devolución del mismo. Transcurrido el plazo anterior, el “Vendedor” para obtener la Remesa debe ingresar al portal de operaciones en “Marketplace” y solicitarla. Desde el momento en que el “Vendedor” envía la solicitud de “Remesa”, las sumas que correspondan conforme a la respectiva “Liquidación” o “Estado de pago”, serán transferidas a su cuenta bancaria hasta en 5 días hábiles. En caso que el “Vendedor” no solicite la “Remesa” en la forma y plazos antes indicados, dentro del mes siguiente de la compra, “Cencosud Retail SA”. transferirá los fondos rezagados sin necesidad de requerimiento previo.


“Cencosud Retail SA” consolidará las ventas mensuales del “Vendedor” y emitirá la factura respectiva los primeros días del mes siguiente por los valores que correspondan conforme a lo precedentemente señalado.

13. Comisiones por los servicios de “Marketplace”

“Cencosud Retail SA” podrá cobrar al “Vendedor” comisión por cada tipo de servicio que le preste. Estas comisiones podrán variar según la categoría del producto, naturaleza del servicio, el resultado de su evaluación y la clasificación que le corresponda. Los plazos y criterios de evaluación, clasificación y medición están definidos en el anexo Política de Tarifas, Reputación y Evaluación que se entienden formar parte integrante de estos TyC.

14. Unidades Disponibles – Entrega del(los) Producto(s)

El “Vendedor” siempre deberá mantener informada la cantidad de unidades disponibles de cada producto que ofrece, y la fecha de entrega; informaciones, ambas, que deberá respetar sin excepciones.

Deberá además tomar el máximo de precauciones al momento de embalar, despachar y entregar los productos. Todo extravío, merma o daño del producto será de cargo y responsabilidad del “Vendedor”. Además, todos los costos asociados al despacho de productos serán de cargo del “Vendedor”.

15. Opciones de los “Consumidores” y “Compradores” después de la Venta

El “Vendedor” es responsable de gestionar todas y cada una de las peticiones de los Consumidores derivadas de las solicitudes de compra; especialmente, las que sean consecuencia del ejercicio de cualquiera de los siguientes derechos que el “Vendedor” debe reconocer y respetar al “Consumidor” y/o “Comprador”.

Derecho a Devolución:

Dentro de los 20 días posteriores a la recepción del producto, los “Consumidores” y/o “Compradores” pueden hacer uso de su derecho de devolución, en tal caso, el “Vendedor” será notificado que ha recibido una solicitud de devolución, donde podrá acceder al detalle dentro del “Seller Center”. Si el producto se encuentra en perfecto estado: sin uso, con etiquetas adherida en su embalaje original, sellado y con todos sus accesorios, el “Vendedor” deberá recibirlo. En este caso, el “Vendedor” estará obligado a emitir y entregar, a través de sus propios medios la Nota de Crédito al “Consumidor”. En caso contrario el “Vendedor” podrá rechazar la solicitud de devolución, especificando el motivo de rechazo, el cual será comunicado al “Consumidor” y/o “Comprador”. Si el “Consumidor” y/o “Comprador” no está de acuerdo con el rechazo, podrá contactar al “Vendedor” a través de los canales de comunicación que “Marketplace” pone a disposición.

El “Vendedor” tendrá 3 días seguidos desde la recepción del producto para aceptar o rechazar la solicitud de devolución. En caso de no hacerlo, dentro del plazo informado, esta será aceptada de manera automática. Para las solicitudes de devolución aceptadas, se hará la reversa respectiva, y se verá reflejado en el “Estado de Pago”. En caso de rechazar la solicitud de devolución, el “Vendedor” deberá gestionar y realizar de manera efectiva la devolución del producto al “Consumidor”.

El precio a devolver, así como todos los costos y gastos asociados a la devolución del producto son de responsabilidad del “Vendedor” y serán descontados de sus “Remesas” en caso que corresponda.

En caso de ocurrir algún evento que pueda alterar los plazos de operación, será comunicado oportunamente.

Garantía Legal:

Si el “Consumidor” quiere hacer uso del derecho a la garantía legal que le reconoce la ley 19.496, deberá ponerse en contacto directo con el “Vendedor”, quien realizará las gestiones que procedan. Sin perjuicio de lo anterior, “Marketplace” podrá disponibilizar canales de comunicación entre ambas partes. El envío a Servicio Técnico y su costo para la revisión de la falla, o desperfecto, el precio a devolver, el costo de reparación del producto en caso de que el “Consumidor” haya escogido esta alternativa; así como todos los costos y gastos asociados a la devolución del producto son de responsabilidad del “Vendedor” y serán descontados de sus remesas. El “Vendedor” declara estar en conocimiento que la garantía legal que asiste al “Consumidor” comprende 3 derechos alternativos que aquel puede ejercer a su sola voluntad, en caso que la falla, desperfecto o deficiencia de que adolece el producto no sea imputable al “Consumidor”, y lo anterior dentro de los 3 meses siguientes a la recepción del producto por parte del ”Consumidor”.

Contacto con el “Vendedor”:

Si el “Consumidor” solicita los datos de contacto del “Vendedor”, “Marketplace” informará los necesarios para que el “Consumidor” pueda ejercer sus derechos, especialmente, los derechos a la información y reclamación.

16. Sistema de Reputación

“Marketplace” evaluará al “Vendedor” periódicamente para establecer su nivel de servicio y, por lo tanto, su nivel de relevancia en el “Sitio” o “Plataforma”. Lo anterior, a través de un Sistema de Reputación de los “Vendedores”. Este sistema actualizado periódicamente en base a datos vinculados con su actividad en el “Sitio” o “Plataforma” y/oa los comentarios ingresados por los “Consumidores” y/o “Compradores” según las operaciones que hayan realizado tales como atrasos, reclamos, satisfacción, entre otros.

Los “Consumidores” y/o “Compradores” podrán ingresar una calificación informando acerca de la concreción o no de la operación; también podrán ingresar un comentario si así lo desean. El sistema de reputación podrá incluir un espacio donde los “Vendedores” podrán hacer comentarios sobre las calificaciones recibidas y acceder a los mismos. Dichos comentarios serán incluidos bajo exclusiva responsabilidad de los “Consumidores” o “Vendedores” que los emitan.

“Cencosud Retail SA” se reserva el derecho de editar y/o eliminar los comentarios inadecuados u ofensivos y podrá excluir del “Marketplace” a aquellos “Vendedores” que reciban comentarios negativos. Para obtener más información sobre el sistema de Reputación puede consultar el respectivo Anexo.

17. Compliance

Las partes declaran expresamente que han tomado conocimiento de las disposiciones de la Ley N°20.393 sobre Responsabilidad Penal de las Personas Jurídicas y de los Delitos de que ésta contempla.

En consideración a ello, CENCOSUD ha implementado un “Modelo de Prevención de Delitos” (“MPD”), en cumplimiento de sus deberes de dirección y supervisión, modelo que incluye la relación del CENCOSUD con sus PROVEEDORES, contratistas, subcontratistas, agentes, y cualquier otra empresa, organismo o entidad con la cual contrate, sea de carácter público o privado.

En atención a lo anterior, las partes se obligan a:

Participar sólo en negocios legítimos que no contravengan la legislación nacional vigente.

Adoptar controles internos eficientes y eficaces que prevengan la comisión de los delitos señalados en la Ley N°20.393, por parte de sus propios trabajadores evitando incurrir en responsabilidad penal como persona jurídica. En relación con ello, el PROVEEDOR declara que ni éste ni alguno de sus trabajadores, han sido condenados por las conductas referidas en dicha norma.

Conocer y cumplir, en lo que le sea aplicable como PROVEEDOR, durante la vigencia del contrato, con las normas del Código de Ética de CENCOSUD, disponible en la página web

Reportar al Encargado de Prevención de Delitos de CENCOSUD todo pago, transacción o la realización de cualquier conducta delictual contemplada en la Ley N°20.393, y en general, informar de cualquier conducta sospechosa que involucre a los Colaboradores del PROVEEDOR que pueda conllevar la responsabilidad penal de CENCOSUD.

Acceder, cuando lo requiera CENCOSUD, a costo de éste, a la realización de auditorías independientes que permitan establecer el cumplimiento de la Ley N°20.393.

Cooperar oportunamente y de buena fe con cualquier investigación que lleve adelante CENCOSUD frente al conocimiento o indicio que adquiera sobre la realización de alguna de las conductas establecidas en la Ley N°20.393 o conductas que vayan en contra del Código de Ética de CENCOSUD;

No efectuar a nombre de CENCOSUD y sus empresas relacionadas, o en beneficio de ellas, cualquier especie de pago indebido o ilegítimo a funcionarios de la administración pública de cualquier tipo de repartición.

Tomar inmediatamente todas las medidas que sean necesarias para esclarecer hechos que revistan caracteres de alguno de los delitos contemplados en la Ley N° 20.393 o violación de las normas y principios que informa el Código de Ética de Cencosud por parte de algún trabajador del PROVEEDOR y evitar cualquier daño eventual al patrimonio o imagen de CENCOSUD, por tales conductas.

Mantener indemne de cualquier perjuicio causado a CENCOSUD en su reputación, integridad, imagen, o cualquier otro daño patrimonial, como consecuencia de la realización de conductas contrarias a lo dispuesto en la señalada Ley o en el presente contrato, para lo cual CENCOSUD se reserva todas las acciones judiciales pertinentes.

El incumplimiento de alguna de las obligaciones establecidas en la presente cláusula por parte del PROVEEDOR, dará derecho a CENCOSUD de resolver en forma inmediata el presente contrato, sin que de ello resulte para CENCOSUD responsabilidad alguna, y sin perjuicio de los derechos y acciones que pudieran surgir a su favor, por tal incumplimiento.