How do I factory reset an HP laptop in Windows 10?

As a last resort to fix system issues on your HP laptop, you might consider factory resetting it. Well, if that's the case, then you'd be glad you found this article. We'll show you how to set up an HP -Reset laptop with Windows 10 to factory settings. One of the methods will guide you through the necessary steps when you are unable to boot your system normally. The other option will show you how to reset your laptop when you cannot login successfully.

Method 1: Use Windows settings to factory reset your HP laptop

You can go to Windows settings to factory reset your laptop. Of course, you can only use this method if you can boot your system normally. That said, here are the steps you need to follow:

On your keyboard, press the Windows key + S.

Type "reset this PC" (without the quotes) and then press Enter.

Go to the right pane and then select Get Started.

You can choose to keep your files or remove everything.

Click Keep my files if you want to keep your personal files, apps, and customizations

Click Next and then select Reset. Your operating system will be reinstalled and your computer will restart.

You can select Remove everything if you prefer to get rid of all your personal files, apps, and customization settings.

You can choose to remove all files from all your drives or just the drive where Windows is installed.

You have the option to simply remove your files or delete them while cleaning the drive.

Once you click Reset, the process will start. It may take a while to complete.

Method 2: Use Windows Recovery Environment to factory reset your HP laptop

If you are unable to start your HP laptop normally, you can factory reset your device using Windows Recovery Environment. You can do this by following the instructions below:

Turn off your HP laptop.

Disconnect all external devices (printers, USB drives, etc.) from your computer.

Remove any recently added internal hardware.

Press the power button to turn on your HP laptop.

Once your device starts booting, immediately press the F11 key. Keep pressing it repeatedly until the Choose an option screen appears.

Choose Troubleshoot.

Select Reset this PC.

You can either keep your files or remove everything.

Select Keep my files if you want to keep your data.Once you click Reset, your operating system will be reinstalled.The process may take a while.

Select Remove All if you want to remove all of your personal files.

You can choose to remove everything on only the drive where your operating system is installed. On the other hand, you can click All drives if you don't want to keep any data.

You can also completely clean the selected drive or just remove your files.

Click Reset.

Important step after factory resetting your HP laptop

After you have factory reset your HP laptop, the next thing you need to do is make sure you have the latest drivers for your operating system. You can update your drivers manually or automate the process using a trusted tool like . use

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.If you're not familiar with computers, we recommend you choose the latter. Finally, updating your drivers manually can be complicated, risky and time-consuming. To give you an idea, we'll show you the process.

Press Windows Key + X on your keyboard. This should launch Device Manager.

Now you need to go through all the drivers in each category. Make sure you expand the content of each category to make sure you don't miss any drivers.

Right-click the driver and then select Properties from the list.

Go to the Driver tab and then click Update driver.

Select the 'Search automatically for updated driver software' option.


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You may see this message:

"The best driver software for your device is already installed."

If you see this notification, you must perform an additional process to ensure that you have all the correct drivers installed on your computer. You must manually check the manufacturer's website for the latest driver versions. It is important that you download the ones that are available are compatible with your system. Downloading the wrong drivers can do more harm than good to your computer.

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