HP Envy 17.3-inch Laptop (Intel Core i7, 12GB, 1TB Hybrid Drive, Silver)

I bought this laptop on January 6th and apart from one issue I have to say that I am very satisfied. The issue I encountered was that when closing the lid and putting the laptop to sleep the WI -FI was disabled when opening the lid. I asked a question whether or not anyone else had encountered this problem and the answer was no. I tried deleting and reinstalling the driver but it only has one Took me a day or two. I finally went to the Intel sight and found there a driver update for this device, one for Wi-Fi and the other for Bluetooth. The link for Wi-Fi is as follows: https://downloadcenter. intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=24576&lang=eng&wapkw=intel+dual+band+wireless-ac+3160+driverSince installing the updated driver I haven't experienced the problem again, my problem could be because that I am running a 100Mb connection. This is ni It's quite unusual so I can't fault HP even though their download site doesn't have this update available.I have to admit that I'm a retired IT manager and this is one of the best laptops I've come across in my research for a state of the art device. I must say that the touchpad is ultra sensitive and takes some getting used to and I have found that the extreme right and left corners perform the functions expected of your mouse. Just be patient and you will find that you will adapt to the touchpad. This laptop has more than enough power, the keyboard as others have stated is a single raised keyboard (plus backlit if/when you want it by pressing the F5 key without using it). the function key), graphics are great. Boot time is reportedly fantastic and application loads are very fast. I added my Windows8.1 Pro license software on this computer and couldn't be happier. I use Norton 360 and a quick scan takes only 1 minute which is extremely fast compared to others. I've seen where people have complained about the screen resolution and I have no complaints and I've watched HD programs on it and it's 1080 and as clear as my Sony HD 1080i TV.Others have again complained about the sound the speakers are adequate for a laptop whoever is complaining must look for theatrical quality as best I can tell.The price on Amazon is the best gong and given it's a laptop , I personally recommend the extended warranty as I've used it twice over the years and have had problems with new laptops and they're mine every time it came up with a laptop upgrade. I highly recommend this product if you are looking for a great laptop!