For users looking for a compact and affordable notebook, this HP Stream review showcases the excellent 11.6-inch model in the line.

Built with reliability and comfort in mind

HP Stream 11 Notebook

offers an impressive price paired with a durable body for added protection when you're on the go. Equally durable is the hinge that connects the display and keyboard for easy and reliable adjustability.

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This is a highly portable, efficient device that balances features and performance with a low cost so you can feel secure when making payments.

To get you acquainted with this line of computers, our HP Stream 11.6 laptop review highlights some of the line's specific strengths. We specifically talk about the hardware specs and competent build and finish, while also giving you a close look at everything else makes this HP Stream laptop stand out from the crowd.

Impressive performance

Engineered to optimize Windows apps and provide a tighter security profile with Windows 10 in S mode, the HP Stream delivers higher performance and lower cost than a comparable smartphone or tablet. It gives you the best of both worlds because this device encourages mobility without sacrificing the resources most of us need for work or play.

The fuss-free features and sturdy build make it a great platform for college students and younger users, but also ideal for those with a daily commute or frequent travellers. If your routine is heavily internet-centric or wrapped up in frequent streaming, it can also be used for They will be an extremely versatile choice.

Plus, power internet users can respond to a variety of needs by using Windows 10 in S mode.You'll have access to an affordable device that's tailored for the internet and powered by a system built specifically to keep your files safe and your work was developed.

Processor and graphics options

With the standard HP Stream 11, you can choose between multiple processor configurations, depending on which variant you prefer. For maximum affordability, choose the latest Intel® Atom® processor with integrated Intel HD Graphics 400. It offers performance that goes far beyond others portable or even handheld devices in the same price range. It's more than adequate for streaming and even enough to support casual web gaming.

Perhaps you prefer a bit more processing or graphics power in your build. For additional computing power, you can also choose a loadout with reliable Intel Celeron® or Pentium® processors. Additionally, you get graphics support from your choice of integrated Intel UHD Graphics 600 or 605 , which improves the overall visual output. You can also check out the Pro G5 variants if you want to take on heavier workloads.

RAM and storage

The HP Stream 11 unfolds its full potential in combination with

cloud support

and web-based applications, while still providing a good baseline for RAM with some local spare storage. In the base configuration, you have 4GB of DDR3L-1600 SDRAM and 32GB of eMMC storage. With the right peripherals or access to cloud support, you can make your Expand functionality even further.


HP Stream 11 Pro G5 Edition

also offers some options for better local performance and deeper storage. On these variants, you'll find 4GB of upgraded DDR4-2400 SDRAM and twice the hard drive capacity thanks to 64GB of eMMC storage. Between their upgraded core hardware and better local specs, the Pro G5 some of the best advantages in terms of performance and efficiency.

High security with Windows 10 in S mode

With a high-security operating system configuration, Windows 10 in S mode is one of the foundations that make the HP Stream 11 so secure and reliable for every user. Notebooks running Windows 10 in S mode are designed to last and To increase security, only work with verified apps from the Microsoft Store and rely on the Microsoft Edge browser for your regular web use.

One way switch to turn off S mode

That's great for a lot of situations, but what happens if you want to unlock the device and use it outside of S mode? To ensure maximum security, turning off S mode is a one-way switch that can't be flipped.

But the option gives you maximum freedom later in the device's life. For example, you might want to turn off S mode when security and longevity become less important after a few years of use.

Slim design with two color options

Portability is a big plus of the HP Stream 11's efficient build, which combines a compact device with a sturdy outer frame. The line's strong hinge allows for easy adjustment, while the Pro G5 has undergone more rigorous field testing. Designed to withstand both the MIL- Passing both STD 810G and IP 41 tests, it is also designed to withstand drops and hard impact survival.

And if you like a pop of color on your laptop, the base HP Stream 11 is available in a bolder royal blue finish with a matte keyboard, or a minimalist diamond white variant with a powdered silver keyboard frame. Or if you prefer something darker and a little more familiar, the Pro G5 will do it all in one Supplied in a dark gray finish that blends into any setup.

dimensions and weight

As for the external dimensions, you'll find an extremely thin frame at just 11.08 x 7.59 x 0.66 inches. That's less than two-thirds of an inch thick, about the same as a folded shirt. With a profile this thin you can easily integrate this laptop into your existing storage and travel gear. The Pro G5 Edition is just a fraction of an inch thicker and measures 0.71 inches thin.

They won't weigh you down either. On the scales, the HP Stream 11 is a featherweight at just 2.3lbs. If you also opt for the Pro G5, you don't have much else to worry about; it weighs just 2.78lbs .

You can put an HP Stream into a

slim briefcase just as easy as a backpack

.Or, thanks to its lightweight design, you can do without the case altogether and simply cover your device with a . carry under the arm

beautiful sleeve


screen size

With mobility and ease of use at its core, the HP Stream 11 offers compact display dimensions of 11.6 inches diagonally. This keeps things light and manageable, which can be particularly valuable in cramped workspaces in the office or on the go. Anti-glare features and WLED backlight also contribute to ease of use in a variety of circumstances.

And if you prefer a larger display but are interested in this family of laptops, this is it

HP stream 14

offers great performance for visual performance thanks to its 14-inch screen.In addition, enjoy AMD dual-core processors with RadeonTM R3 graphics and the same improved brightness of 220 cd/m² as the Pro G5.With a price, Still easily beating out some of the 11-inch configurations, it's a logical option if you just need more space.

Long battery life

A lighter hardware load has many advantages in terms of portability. In addition to the slimmer, travel-friendly design, you'll enjoy an all-day battery life with an estimated up to 9 hours and 15 minutes during video playback.

You can easily enjoy your favorite shows or catch a good clip about homework and personal projects, all without fear of a sudden shutdown or searching for an outlet.

Despite an upgraded hardware suite, the Pro G5 actually offers longer battery life. It surpasses the base configuration by several hours, with an overall estimate of up to 12 hours. That should be more than enough for most users to work safely in almost any circumstance .

energy efficiency

In addition to long battery life, the HP Stream 11 keeps power consumption low and comes with high marks for energy efficiency. The base configuration and Pro G5 variant are both ENERGY STAR® qualified and have an EPEAT® 2019 Silver rating for efficiency You can sit back or go about your business without worrying about accidentally skyrocketing your electricity bill, a huge benefit when combined with a strong battery life.

Both versions are also designed to ensure low material stress during construction and throughout the product life cycle, thanks to low-halogen components. This means less in production and less in circulation, which is particularly beneficial when a device is approaching the end of its useful life Has.

The Pro G5 even has a TCO certification to ensure it has a lower environmental impact throughout the life of the device.

Other great features to keep in mind

With a robust wireless connection and a full range of ports available, the HP Stream lets you access your favorite peripherals or any secondary devices you might depend on. It also features an integrated webcam and stereo speakers, making it a great platform for Provide collaboration and audio in a variety of applications. It has an integrated Kensington Nano Security SlotTM if you also want to add an extra layer of protection.

Ultimately, the HP Stream 11 is designed for balance and ease of use. It offers a good base and multiple configuration options that increasingly focus on what many users already spend so much time on: the Internet and our favorite web applications.

While we've already covered some of the key features, there are a few other ways to finalize your purchase and round out your existing collection of notebook peripherals.

warranty protection

Priced under $500, the HP Stream 11 is affordable enough to protect against dangerous expenses and long-term wear and tear. But it also comes with our standard HP 1-year warranty. During that period, most users will be fine may be, this isn't your only option if you want more comprehensive coverage.

Find easy, affordable upgrade options for longer coverage through our HP Care Pack program. For the most complete protection, you can add up to 3 years of protection. Best of all, it doesn't cost you much more at checkout - less than most accessories. Simply look for full options near the "Add to Cart" buttons or while placing your order

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Convenient peripherals and storage

As described in the sections above, the HP Stream 11 was designed to enhance and protect your web experience. But with the right addition of accessories or support devices, you can add many capabilities to your new device.


HP notebook power bank

is a great option when you need a convenient external power source for your computer. It's also a great way to turn your notebook into a superior long-distance device that can also charge any of your USB devices.

To add a wider range of other desktop-class peripherals and features,

HP USB-C Universal Dock

turns any notebook into a convenient hub for multiple devices. Still curious about more ways to expand your experience? Just hide

HP supplies store

and don't forget to check your preferred configuration for specific recommendations on items like travel gear and mouse options.


The HP Stream family offers durability and an impressive price tag with tons of options for under $500 at the checkout. Plus, you're not limited to a single variant. Want a beefier hardware configuration or a different color? Just take your pick Choose the loadout that best suits your routine, or focus on finding the right finish for your style and space. You can even jump straight to the top shelf and get acquainted with the highly customizable Pro G5 edition.

There's also the 14-inch variant, which is worth considering if you want a larger display with comparable features while still being less than 1 pound heavier than the 11-inch version. And if you're not quite sure, if you choose the notebook format, read our article “

Laptop vs Notebook: What's the Difference?

" to learn more.

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